Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hyperbass Much?

Finally a video with decent sound and video of the great Michael Manring playing his custom made hyperbass and performing the song The Enormous Room.

I have seen music posts on horrorthon and so I hope this isn't out of line as this one got me giddy. Michael is considered one of the most respected bass players we have today who plays anything from folk or classical all the way to thrash. This is melodically and technically one of the great solo bass songs from anytime and I was pretty excited to finally find a decent sounding performance.

Hope you all enjoy:



JPX said...

Nice! It reminds me of Pink Floyd. I've never heard of this guy, but then again I'm an idiot. Feel free to post whatever you want, Nowandzen.

Landshark said...

Very neat. Aidan wants to know why he has to keep "fixing" his guitar in the middle.

nowandzen said...

Thanks JPX, it thrills me that you could appreciate it regardless of knowing who he is.

Landshark, lol. He's detuning and tuning up during the song. Pretty cool trick but it still comes out musical without being too technical even if you just listen to it without watching.