Sunday, October 19, 2014

American Mary

(2012) ***

Poor little Mary Mason...She just wanted to make extra cash so she could turn her phone back on!
I gave this three stars because of the lead actress Katharine Isabelle-that's Ginger, from Ginger Snaps! Yay! Even though I nodded off for a few minutes due to tiredness, this movie wasn't boring at all.
Well, Mary has been going to college to become a surgeon but her finances are slacking. She calls her grandmother to keep borrowing money but decides to go find a job.
She brings her resume, yes resume, to a strip club in town. The owner Billy Barker takes a look at her resume, inquiring about her career to become a surgeon. Just as that is happening, one o his bodyguards comes running in yelling about a dying dude. Billy offers her to make $5000 if she can fix him right then and there. She is hesitant, but thinks about the money and goes for it.
Mary goes home and freaks out a bit and receives a not-so-friendly phone call from her professor about missing a class.
She ends up going to class and turns her cell phone back on with the cash she has just made. She gets a phone call from a woman named Beatress who ends up stalking Mary until she can talk to her in person about her request for plastic surgery..even showing up to Mary's school!

                                           This is Beatress BEFORE the surgery..
When the money offered is too good to pass, Mary accepts. Beatress then sets Mary up with another one that wants plastic surgery..
                                   I know someone who is married to a girl that looks like this!
So, Mary is making lots of money and continues classes until she is invited to a special invite party by her professor. She gets all dolled up and excited for this special party! As soon as she walks in, she is offered a drink-uh oh! As she is mingling around the party, the camera pans around the room as you see men masturbating to a naked woman. Suddenly, Mary gets woozy and lies down on a bed down the hall . The professor comes in with a video camera and films his wrong doings with Mary. She wakes up in the morning, rushes over t the strip club and pays the owner to kidnap the professor! He then becomes her practice model for her plastic surgeries! (awesome revenge)
Well, the disappearance of the professor bring the police around, but Mary plays ignorant. She goes back to the strip bar to let Billy know about the interests of the police as a warning. She doesn't realize that Billy keeps day dreaming about her and worships her. Oh well..
The movie comes to an ending soon..but I don't want to give it away!
I'll just say that Mary has developed her skills in sewing!


Catfreeek said...

Sounds like an interesting concept.

Crystal Math said...

This one was fun/awesome. Good review!

Mr. AC said...

Just to clarify, she's not a doctor, just someone who is going to college in the hopes of someday becoming a surgeon? Also, love the picture of the quadruple amputee!

JPX said...

A resume to a strip club? Wouldn't your resume be your boobs?

AC said...

Yucko! Not my jam.

Abduscias said...

She's not a doctor(surgeon) yet, but she was on her way...Billy let her know that a resume wasn't needed. Lol