Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Canal

(2014) 3 Gretchens

Film archivist David and his beautiful, pregnant wife Alice move into their dream home.  Five years later, David becomes aware that Alice's affections might be drifting, and also discovers that the house has a very grim history.

Argh, could have been excellent, but lost me at the end.  Overall a well-acted and interesting twist on haunted house, with suspense and ambiguity over whether mental illness or the supernatural is responsible.  I do think some will like this better than I did so if it's on your list, proceed.


Catfreeek said...

I never heard of it but I may give it a whirl because it is my kind of horror.

Crystal Math said...

Does the twist have anything to do with a canal? Such as, a canal filled with zombies lying under the house?

JPX said...

Don't give away the twist! Why did the film lose you near the end, was it convoluted?

AC said...

I would never give away a twist.

The end tried to do too much and was a different feel from the rest of the film.