Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jug Face


Unlike Jughead, whose disdain for girls matches only his voracious appetite for hamburgers, Jug Face is an American horror film about a teenager trying to escape her destiny.

Ada is a sweet girl who lives in a backwoods community in the heartland of America. She was raised among good ol' fashioned folk who believe in family and tradition. They never done hurt nobody. Sure, they may indulge in a bit of moonshine, child abuse, incest, and the occasional human sacrifice, but aside from that they're just like you and me.

The community worships a mysterious pit in the middle of the woods that has both the power to heal and to destroy. A dim-witted potter named Dawai serves as the group's prophet. In a trance-like state, he creates jugs with faces in the form of one of the rednecks. The unlucky hillbilly selected is to be sacrificed to appease the pit.

On the same day that she discovers that her brother impregnated her in addition to the news of her upcoming marriage to a doofus, Ada sees her own face on the jug. At this point if Jughead were involved he likely would have participated in a pie eating contest. But instead Ada hides the jug in a vain effort to avoid her fate.

JPX wrote an excellent review of this last year and I'm hear to second it! With a great cast of unknown actors and a strict attention to detail, Jug Face questions the very notion of free will.


Catfreeek said...

Tony & I watched this over the summer and liked it as well. Hilarious review, love the comparison to Jughead.

DCD said...

Forgot about this one! Not that it's difficult with all the recommendations from everyone...

JPX said...

I really enjoyed this one! It's a small, creepy story about trying to escape fate. Now I want a hamburger.

AC said...

Sounds yucky to me!