Monday, October 27, 2014

The Fly

(1958) ****

A scientist takes dangerous risks when developing a matter transporter, and he and his family suffer the consequences.

Yay, what a fun movie, had never seen it before.  The Fly is actually a (doomed) love story with horror elements. Vincent Price is perfect as the concerned brother of the scientist who also happens to be in love with the devoted wife. Will have to check out the remake, maybe later this week?


Crystal Math said...

The remake was interesting and also totally disgusting. I think I reviewed it a couple of years ago, worth a watch!

Catfreeek said...

Both films are excellent, see I don't hate all remakes.

Octopunk said...

Before you check out the remake, check out the sequel! More Vincent Price! Also, it's in black-and-white and the fly head is appropriately large this time.

Not sure what my deal is tonight but I keep looking up my reviews of these movies and obnoxiously quoting them. Here's why I love The Fly

"The part of this story that's so unique is how domestic a horror story it is. It's like Dad lost his keys somewhere in the house, but instead it's his freakin' head -- he literally lost his head! And poor Helene has to lead the maid and her son (terrible kid actor, just terrible...every single line sucks) on this mad search to catch a fly, looking crazier all the time. Can you imagine? How humiliating is that, to have your life and your happiness depend on a damn fly?"

Also the actress playing his wife is just fantastic. Her terror and misery are palpable.

AC said...

oy, not sure if i'll get to either this week! :(

SO agree about the awful kid actor. i docked half a star for his awfulness.