Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dracula A.D.

(1972) **1/2

This film is filled with such grooviness! Probably the only reason I gave it 2.5 stars!
We open with Van Helsing(Peter Cushing) killing Dracula(Christopher Lee). Then we go to 1972 where a groooovy party is going on with teenagers and grumpy older folks. The teens get bored and decide to leave the party to go elsewhere. Johnny Alucard, of the groovy teens, proposes that it would be fun to have a black mass the next night. The dumb teens agree, even the great granddaughter of Van Helsing, Jessica.
This is the goober that had the great idea
So the next night, the black mass is conducted in a church. Alucard raises Dracula from the dead without the other teens knowledge. He begs Dracula to turn him so he can help him on his quest to get rid of the Van Helsing family. Alucard lures the females to Dracula to feed him, as they turn the boys into vampires.
Why are his eyes always red? Is he stoned?

The police come around asking about the missing girl and that's where we find out that Peter Cushing is also playing his grandson, professor Van Helsing. He confronts his granddaughter as she tells about the mass they conducted.
We go to the next night when Jessica is invited to another hangout at this church. Grandfather follows, as Dracula appears and tries to take her. There is the final fight as Dracula is killed once more and Jessica is saved.
But, yeah-the 70's were soooo groovy!


Catfreeek said...

Far out man! I remember this one from back in the day. The red eyes were Lee's signature Dracula trademark.

AC said...

I remember "alucard." Very tricky as well as groovy.

Octopunk said...

I haven't seen this but I've always had a problem with "Alucard," because the word itself is such a clunker. I think "Aculard" sounds much better even though it has lard in it.

I don't really watch the cartoon Metalocalypse but I did catch one ep in which a character tries out religion. He goes to a regular Christian church and later to a Satanic church and both of them are boring as fuck. I'm pretty sure if someone ever suggested a black mass I'd be "meh."

Abduscias said...