Monday, October 20, 2014


Carrie is a very bright, yet religious teen in middle America.  Despite her intelligence, she apparently never learned about menstruation, and is terrified when menarche hits in the locker room in front of a bunch of other senior girls.  If that timing wasn't bad enough, it gets so much worse when the group of girls just happens to be the vilest group of young ladies ever who then pelt Carrie with tampons & pads, while one of them films the assault and posts it on you tube. 
Once you get past this incredulous premise, the rest of the film is actually pretty good.  Chloe Mertz is a very modern Carrie, who when assaulted with her mother's fanaticism responds in a very loving, yet borderline-independent way.  It's one of the very few ways in which this film differs from the original - the '70s version has Sissy Spacek as a hapless victim of her mother and environment.  The modern Carrie is actually relatable - one can understand her rebellious responses to her mother and peers, and see that despite her resiliency, these other influences are relentless in tamping her down. 
Where the modern Carrie differs in terms of believability is the picture above... Really, we're expected to believe that the girl above has never been asked out on a date?  And that all the pretty girls laugh at her?  Really?  Really?


Catfreeek said...

I've already stated my opinion on the remake. I'd personally give it no more than 3 stars. Your first paragraph sums up exactly why modern day Carrie is a farce. There is no way she who attends public school wouldn't have been educated about her period. Again I have to say, unnecessary remake.

AC said...

So torn about whether to check it out or not!

JPX said...

The trailer for this movie looks like a shot for shot remake of the original. JSP assures me that this remake has some game. I tend to agree with Catfreeek's comments.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Perhaps my upcoming review will change your tune Cat!

Nice review Trevor, you raised some valid points. I know that teenagers are cruel and all but the abuse Carrie was subjected to was over the top. Yes, bullying is a serious issue that has led to suicide but I still find it difficult to swallow the tampon/YouTube scene.

I do think it's plausible that Carrie was oblivious to menstruation due to the fact that her mother observed/controlled her every step.

And why not cast an awkward teenager to play the role of an awkward teenager? Hit Girl was great but I think the movie would have been much more effective had they casted someone more believable.

Octopunk said...

She does seem to be cast in everything right now.

I haven't seen this but I find myself agreeing with a lot of the sticking points. Any girl subject to that kind of abuse on Youtube would be able to sue the school and any number of the other girls' parents.