Sunday, October 26, 2014


3.5 Gretchens
Quirky, dark, and tension-filled
New Zealand horror

Surly young woman
Sentenced to house arrest with
Garrulous mother

Bad turns to worse when
Mother’s house may be haunted
Guess crime doesn’t pay


JPX said...

I've been in your house and I know that you would love house arrest because of all of your gadgets - although AC might haunt you...

Catfreeek said...

The cover art is great!

Mr. AC said...

Good pointe, JPX. House arrest in the Internet age seems more tolerable. Especially if you're allowed guests.

DCD said...

Could you go out in your yard? If so then I think I could deal with house arrest for quite some time.

AC said...

hah hah dcd!! yes, in this movie she could go in the yard.

Octopunk said...

I think my mom punished me by sending to me to my room like two times in my whole life. Both times she realized it was crap punishment because all my stuff is in there.

I think Famke Janssen was in a house-arrest-with-her-dead-abusive-husband's-ghost movie. Anyone see that?