Wednesday, October 15, 2014



A teenager is stuck in an endless loop ala Groundhog Day but her behavior changes the actions of her family from day to day. She is plagued by a pale man who seems to be initiating the whole sordid mess. Each day she pokes around a little more and the clues start coming together.

I give this film kudos for being original. I have seen other horror films where people have been stuck in a place and unable to get out e.g. Blair Witch Project but I don't recall having seen the Groundhog Day scenario applied to horror. That said, the film just did not have that much game, but I like my horror to have a little more bite then bark. I would recommend it to the biddy viewers because the gore is nonexistent and the plot is more of a puzzle.


JPX said...

The premise sounds interesting however between your review and Trevor's review of this film I think I get the gist and don't need to see it. Oddly enough I just watched a film about a ghost wandering around her home.

Trevor said...

Solidly agree with this review. Good premises, some originality, but doesn't provoke any kind of reaction from the audience.

AC said...

maybe next year!

DCD said...

It is an interesting premise. And yes, maybe next year!