Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fists In The Pocket


We join a family of crazy people having dinner, a blind mother eats while her cat shares what is on her plate while brother and sister argue and it's obvious that this whole family is unstable. Allesandro, a young member of this highly dysfunctional family who looks an awful lot like Neil Patrick Harris, decides it's time to put everyone out of their misery. NPH wants to unburden Augusto, the only seemingly sane member of the family, from the task of taking care of everyone. He begins by pushing his blind mother off a ravine.

I look like who? No way!
Oh my God, I do look like NPH!
I will embrace it, from this day forth I will be known as Doogie.
I absolutely loved this Italian classic. I happened on it by chance while searching for foreign horror. My goal this year has been to unearth some of these foreign beauties that have somehow slipped through our fingers. It was quite enjoyable watching Doogie Houser on a killing spree. It takes a while before it gets to any killing but the build up and getting to know this crazy family is really what makes this film work.


AC said...

Awesome! maybe could be remade with the real NPH?

JPX said...

You are really doing a great job finding these movies! I've never heard of this but I can tell from your description that I would love it!

Mr. AC said...

Sounds like there's a black comedy vibe to it. Is that the case?

Also, if you are interested in seeing an fun 6-minute NPH horror short, check out: Dracula's Daughters vs The Space Brains.

DCD said...

Wow - I didn't see it that much in the first close up of him, but the second and third pictures really look like him! What a fun find!

Octopunk said...

Same here! I was totally thinking Matt Damon in that first pic.

This reminds me of Dementia 13.