Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funny Man

(1994) *

Awful...just awful. It had some humorous parts, but otherwise a waste of time! I thought I should have taken drugs or something to watch this-a little trippy at times. Bad film for Christopher Lee!
Here is the description-
" When Max Taylor wins the ancestral home of Callum Chance(Christopher Lee) in a game of Poker, little does he realise that the game is far from over... One by one, Max's family are murdered by the Funny Man, a demonic jester with a varied and imaginative repertoire of homicidal techniques and an irreverent sense of humour. Meanwhile, Max's brother is on his way to the mansion with a bunch on hitchhikers who will be lucky to survive the night"
The Funny Man plays with each character, by dressing a particular part including cross-dressing..
There was a part that he was called "Punch"as a puppet, which reminded me of Punch from The Wicker Man. But a few times he also reminded me of someone I know named Mortiis..

The funniest part of the movie in my opinion, is when The Funny Man takes a leak on the side of a van..


AC said...

Ugh! So sorry you had to endure such a stinker!

Abduscias said...

Lol...yeah, it was awful!

Catfreeek said...

Holy boobies! Jeez! What the heck is going on with the funny man's penis?

Trevor said...


JPX said...

Yeah that just sounds horrible, even with the giant (fake) boobs. Thank you for watching this so I don't have to!

Octopunk said...

Yeah, pass.

Abduscias said...

Lol..yeah, not sure about that cod piece/penis thing. I'll stick to the Draculas for now :)