Thursday, October 30, 2014

V/H/S: Viral

(2014) ***

As onlookers flock to the streets to capture an OJ Simpson-like car chase on film, three more stories are presented in the latest sequel to the popular V/H/S series.

In “Dante the Great” a loser living in a trailer park comes into possession of a cape. After discovering its magical properties he quickly becomes a famous illusionist who has the upper hand on all magicians . Unfortunately his cape has an “appetite” and must be fed.

In “Parallel Lives” a man completes a portal to a parallel universe just as his counterpart does the same thing. The two agree to swap lives for 15 minutes to explore their respective homes. What starts out as fun discovery quickly devolves into madness as man “prime” realizes that the parallel world is very different from his.

In “Bonestorm” two teens and a videographer travel to Mexico City after hearing about a great place to skateboard. Ignoring a giant satanic symbol the trio ends up in a fight for their lives as they are pursued by a devil cult.

I struggled with a 2.5 or 3 star rating. V/H/S: Viral is a mixed bag. I enjoyed it but mainly because I really liked the second story. Apparently there was a 4th story that was cut from the film. A psychotic magician with real magical powers is an interesting idea but there is a little too much scene chewing going on for my taste. “Parallel Lives” is terrific and for this story alone you should check out this movie. The central character is likable and the fuckery he ends up in is a mind trip. Teens fighting off Satanists in Bonestorm is a bit too reminiscent of the much superior “Safe Haven” cult segment from V/H/S 2. The wrap-around story is pointless and ultimately goes nowhere. If you have seen the first two V/H/S films and enjoyed them despite their unevenness I would check this one out. Someone should recut all the VHS films and combine all the best segments.


Catfreeek said...

I've only seen the second and not sure I want to watch the substandard counterparts.

AC said...

Maybe after horrorthon, I'll just watch the good segment.

DCD said...

Good idea, AC! I do want to watch the first two at some point...story of my life!

Octopunk said...

It seems as anthology movies go this franchise is beating the usual odds, so that's something.