Sunday, October 19, 2014

I, Monster

(1971) **1/2

Another one of my Mr. Lee/Mr. Cushing reviews!
This is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie made in the 70's. I think I'm getting the hang of the British accents, finally. Very proper and distinguished gentlemen star in this one, where Lee plays Dr. Marlowe who invents a drug that reacts differently on each animal he experiments on. He tries his drug on willing patients and also gets different results. One man goes from a mad business man into a sniveling man and a lady goes from distinguished normal to getting  the doctor into bed!
Dr. Marlowe then tries it on himself, noticing how he changes from a distinguished gentleman to a happy psycho! He likes being the happy psycho and hurting people and rents a room, away from his own house. He is making a separate personality for himself. His butler even thinks they are two different people! The more he takes, the uglier he transforms on the outside!
Yup! Hi there!
The only person that has a clue that the hyde character might be the doctor is Utterson, played by Peter Cushing. He confronts Dr. Marlowe about this other person-ality named Mr. Blake. The doctor reassures him that Mr. Blake was a bad business man and will not be doing business with him anymore. But the doctor needs his drug and realizes that he must get rid of Utterson. There is a fight between them that involves a small fire that kills the doc, then we see him going from Mr. Blake to Dr. Marlowe.
For a movie made in 1971, good transformation at the end!


Catfreeek said...

I remember this one well, nice pick!

Landshark said...

That Lee/Cushing pairing just keeps giving. Excellent find.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I liked this one too. Also there's a fantastic band named after this movie! Neveroddoreven is one of my favorite albums post-2000.

JPX said...

I have difficulty watching Hammer movies from the early 70s. I've mentioned it before - it has to do with the "Technicolor" look and the glacial pace these movies usually have. Great cast though!

AC said...

Great title and review for what sounds like a pretty mediocre movie.