Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Capture of Bigfoot

(1979) *1/2 So Bad It's Good
For many decades now the scientific community has unanimously agreed that Bigfoot is totally real, and that it would be quite sweet if we got the chance to see him in person. People who need to get out more say that there is no credible evidence to suggest that a large, hairy bipedal humanoid exists. To those people I ask you this: if Bigfoot doesn't exist, then why do I believe so hard that he does? (rhetorical)

I obtained a 4-pack of movies to educate myself on the subject further. The Capture of Bigfoot follows a greedy businessman who dedicates his life to capturing Bigfoot with the intention of using him as a carnival attraction. Accompanied by some drunks/rugged outdoorsmen, the hunt begins. In a deliciously ironic twist, the hunters become the hunted. Also present are a duo of boys whom I named Billy and Billy. They suck up 10-15 minutes of your time tracking the beast.

Terribly awesome special effects ensue and the movie is padded out for a long hour and a half. At one point there is a cabin dance party featuring a live band playing in front of a roaring fire. The party looks like a lot of fun, and I wish I had been there, though it didn't progress the story in any way.

For such an elusive creature Bigfoot is clumsy and unsubtle, and he is granted a significant amount of (awesome) screen time. In retrospect it's no wonder that he gets captured. It's a dumb movie but I refuse to spoil the ending.


Catfreeek said...

I can't say I'm in but it's always a great feeling when a film you expect to be just bad turns out to be SBIG. Can't we see a better picture of him? Why is he so damn elusive?

JPX said...

This sounds like fun! Hilarious review, especially the comment about the party. It amazed me that we are still discovering these kinds of movies from the 70s. I mean, at some point we will have seen them all, right?

Octopunk said...

Bite your tongue! By the time we get to that point, people from parallel realities will be sending us their 70s movies to review.

Great review, JSP. I too was pleased that the party was so much fun for you.

At the crap job I had in 2004, there was a guy who was our fuel distributor who would stop by to check on stuff and then hang around and natter. One time he was talking about hunting and he said the only animals that scared him were grizzlies and Bigfoot. Then he told me about the time he saw Bigfoot. Not much of a believer myself, I was too stunned to know what to say.

AC said...

I might be interested. Mr. AC and I were astonished to learn how many Bigfoot horror movies there are. Octopunk, do you recall any details of the natterer's Bigfoot story?

Trevor said...

Very funny review - I don't think any bigfoot movie will ever top Harry and the Hendersons.