Monday, October 13, 2008

28 Weeks Later

(2007) ****

Shit, it wasn't until I just looked up the date for this review that I realized I've just watched a sequel. I thought I was watching 28 Days Later the whole time. Oh well. Guess I need to see that one now.

Flatly put, I loved this movie. Really fucking scary and tense from start to finish, with a plot and characters that you care about and fear for. A lot.

The premise is similar to I Am Legend in that a supervirus has turned the inhabitants of Great Britain into rabid zombie-types. Think "reevers" from Serenity. Gotta say, if I ever go up against a group of zombies, I'd much prefer the old school lumbering slobs. I guess the virus outbreak took place in the original movie, so this one takes place 7 months later. The island had been put in quarantine and now NATO has moved in to begin reconstruction, starting in London. About 15,000 Brits have been repatriated into a safe zone, but the army is confident that the virus is dead and gone. I was shocked when they were proven wrong! And yes, there's a nod to Aliens here, for sure.

So it becomes a chase to get these 2 kids (who might carry immunity) to safety across the channel. Along the way, there's plenty of frights and gore, but most of all it's just a really fun ride. The cast is excellent, especially Robert Carlyle, who plays the father of the 2 kids.


50PageMcGee said...

oh man! if you liked this one, you've got to check out the first one. it's one of the greats of the era.

AC said...

landshark, i am so glad you liked this one- i agree, robert carlisle is really good. if you are gonna watch the first one (which i recommend highly) don't find out anything about it- just watch it!

miko564 said...

LS, you have to check out the 1st most ricki-tick. I am anxious to hear how you rate it after seeing its sequel first.

I saw Later and thought, "eh, other sequel that wasn't as good". I wonder if you will feel the same about the original once you see it...

DCD said...

desroc watched this recently and agrees that the first one was superior. So you best be renting that soon LS!