Tuesday, October 14, 2008


(1982) **½

Duane was born with a twin brother attached to his side, Belisle. Belisle was so hideously deformed that he was surgically removed from Duane and expected to die. However, an emotionally attached Duane has kept Belisle, very much alive living with him in a basket that Duane totes with him from place to place. Belisle seems to be the dominate of the two and has convinced Duane to go on a vengeful mission with him. He is eager to make all those responsible for separating them pay. Pay with their lives that is.

I know this is a cult classic, heck we even own a copy of this film. Another one of those movies I bought for hubby at Christmas time. The trouble is, Belisle is utterly disgusting. There is a scene where he is actually molesting a woman, it just goes beyond gross. I cant even begin to tell you the great pains that I went through watching this thing once again. I did it because I noticed that a review of this film was definitely missing from the Horrorthon lists, I thought it deserved to be here. I probably should give it 3 stars for creativity and massive gore but...he's just sooooooo gross!

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

I am ever disturbed by this film and it still baffles me to this day how they went on to make a Basketcase 2 & 3. Octo & Julie, since you tackled the It's Alive series, maybe you'll consider going for the Basketcase trio as well.


DCD said...

Oh man, that thing is totally gross. Thanks for taking care of this one for us freeek!

Princess Right-Chuss said...

Holy Shit. Basketcase? Are you serious?

Catfreeek said...

As a heart attack Princess

Octopunk said...

I kind of dig the nonsense of Basket Case, but I watched the sequels in 04 and I am never going back.