Thursday, October 02, 2014

The House That Dripped Blood


Ok, so I tried to do a Christopher Lee themed Horrorthon last year, but that didn't work out! Hooray for Netflix!!

Starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, this is a lovely English(going to have to get used to the accents and funny words) movie about 4 horror tales that took place in this really cool old house that has gargoyles!

A detective is investigating a murder(a famous actor, named Paul Henderon) that has taken place at this residence, so he goes to inquire about this at the residence of the landlord. The landlord asks him if he knows about the previous tenants that have lived here and their disappearances. The detective is oblivious, so this is where the tales are told...
The first is about a "young"(husband is at least 50) couple that rent out the house. The husband(the doctor from Indiana Jones) is a horror author that is highly supported by his wife, who picked out the house for him. He tells her about his most recent book about a strangler named Dominic with a horrible laugh, and shows her his drawing of him.. She goes out shopping as he falls asleep at the typewriter and he is awoken by a noise. He looks up to see Dominic lurking around the house. He opens the drawer that held the drawing and sees that the drawing is missing! So he goes t see a psychiatrist who ends up being strangled during his session with him. He looks up to see Dominic again!

                                          Look at that sly fox! What a handsome brute! Not!
The story of who Dominic isn't what you think it is! But this one has a good twist that I don't want to give away! I'll tell you that its not the husband!
 -This story has good background creepy music that keeps disappearing, but the dialogue isn't. I'm not sure if its the movie or the disc itself.-

Second story is about a lone man(Peter Cushing) that rents the house to be alone and try to get over his ex-girlfriend. He visits the town to find a museum of horrors and decides to take a look-see. He wanders around the museum, inspecting most of the props and pulls back a curtain that reveals an identical  replica of his ex-girlfriend. The owner comes over and proceeds to tell him how that is his own ex-wife and how everyone comes in to gawk at her. Mr. Cushing goes home to grieve even more over her and can't get her out of his mind. His friend comes to visit him and he welcomes his company, almost desperately. His friend takes him along to town and sees the museum too! He wants to also have a look-see, but Mr. Cushing tries to ward him away from it. He talks him into going inside to also see the replica. This is where we find out that Mr. Cushing and Mr. Friend have both dated her. Mr. Friend decides he's going to end his visit and take a flight home already running late, so he takes Mr. Cushing home. Mr. Cushing cant get her out of his mind, so he goes back to the museum, to see his friend's car outside. He runs inside to see his friend has become part of the display and so does he!

Third story is about a father and daughter who move into the house. The father is played by Christopher Lee. He hires a nanny to take care of his non-social daughter with issues. She is a retired teacher who befriends the little girl only to wonder why she is so shy and isn't allowed friends. She confronts daddy who is afraid of his daughter and is glad that her mother died! She teachers the daughter to read and buys her toys to play with. This doesn't make daddy happy and he throws the doll into the fire!

We notice the daughter sneaking around the house and stealing wax candles and daddy's chin stubble from his shaver. Well folks, you know what this means!

Fourth story is about the missing actor Paul Henderson and the lead roll from his most recent vampire movie! Paul rents out the house to inspire him on his latest film.  He wants everything to be authentic, so he finds a cloak at a creepy little shop in town. The owner sells him this special cloak for very cheap and is extremely excited to get rid of it(hint, hint)! Paul tries on the cloak at home, looks in the mirror and sees that he is invisible! The clock strikes midnight and he starts to float! Maybe he was trying to fly-but he was floating, flapping his arms. He throws it back in the closet. The next day on the movie set, he wears his cloak in the acting scene and he bites the star lead! He apologizes and invites her over his house for drinks later on. The movie takes you to the after drinks part, and he shows her the cloak. It didn't work in front of her and he was confused. She said"oh, is this your cloak?" and pulls it from underneath her! She puts it on, welcoming him to the vampire clan as she attacks him!
Booby vampire! I'm not sure if he was distracted or not.
So, the detective at the beginning of the story goes to the residence to investigate the missing actor. He goes down to the basement to find him!
Bla, bla bla, blah!!


Mr. AC said...

At first glance I thought
This film was the one you watched
Yours sounds much better!

Catfreeek said...

Welcome to the party! Great film to kick off with, blah blah blah.

JPX said...

Octo reviewed this a few years ago and this was my comment,

"When Octopunk and I were in the 7th grade our middle school had a movie night and they showed this film in the gym. Octo insists that he wasn't there and given that he has the world's best memory I guess he's telling the truth. I remember watching this and thinking it was scary. Then again I was 12. I watched this again during Horrorthon 2004 and enjoyed it a bit more than Octo. I mean, come on, it's got both Grand Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku!"

Fun choice!

Timothy Brannan said...

OO! This one is on my list for this year as well.

AC said...

it does sound fun, a nice smorgasbord of 70s horror!

DCD said...

Octo does have the world's best memory. It's true.

Sounds like a great choice for first review!

Landshark said...

Wow, that does not sound like the type of flick you'd show for 7th grade movie night.

Abduscias said...

Mr. AC! That preview was awful, but yet, it has more blood than the movie I reviewed! lol