Thursday, October 02, 2014

Creature from the Black Lagoon

3.5 stars

JPX reviewed this back in 2008 with the brilliant idea to review all the sequels together. I’m just trying to squeeze one more out for tonight, folks, but I do intend to watch them all.

Cute-but-unwed-yet couple David and Kay are a part of a research team looking at old rocks ‘n’ stuff, fixated on a fossil of webbed fingers and indeterminable origin. They team up with other scientists and locals to navigate the Amazon and dive to gather evidence confirming that the hand came from a creature millions of millions of years ago.
It’s obvious from the title that the creature still lives and hasn’t evolved much over time, so I think it’s rather rude to objectify this other living being simply as a horrid “creature.” Is this not a being as capable of emotions as you or I? Oughtn’t this title character be stripped of his “otherness” and celebrated as a member of Planet Earth, and not antagonized for defending his home and abode, the vast and diverse Amazon River? If he is stabbed, does he not bleed like the rest of us? Should his abode and lifeforce -- the water and the plants -- be compromised, should he not defend it? 

I think I shall refer to him as Harold. Harold is fierce, an aquatic man of integrity! One who is trying to coexist, and at times simply exist. Yes; Harold is the face of preservation and perseverance, an ambassador of the environment, the antecedent hero to Captain Planet!
Kay comes dangerously close to the creature -- er, I mean Harold -- while out for a midday swim. David and Mark, another strapping handsome dude, pursue Harold and manage to shoot him in the back with an underwater crossbow-type contraption. He puts up a mighty struggle, only to be captured by the lousy human scientists who want to lock him up away from his home. Harold is far from being defeated and the human scientists clash on whether they should direct their energy towards killing Harold or attempting to peacefully leave and resume their studies. So here’s to strength and solidarity in our gill-laden brothers and sisters!


JPX said...

Ha, I love Harold! Funny review, I'm glad you're digging these old films, they're a blast! They are remaking all of them but I have no faith.

Landshark said...

Great review--I remember watching this on a Creature Double Feature on Channel 56 out of Boston back in the early 80s.

DCD said...

Poor Harold! I love the part about him being the "antecedent hero to Captain Planet." Awesome review, Crystal!

AC said...

Go Crystal! I know I've seen this but can't remember a damn thing about it.

Catfreeek said...

Great review I am also loving personifying him as Harold.

AC said...

Love this review! Harold is the everycreature.