Saturday, October 04, 2014

Los Ultimos Dias (The Last Days)

A global epidemic is occurring.  People are experiencing such an extreme cases of agoraphobia that when they go outside they freak out so badly they have a heart attack and die.

The story opens with Marc, looking out at the skyline of Barcelona.  He is in his office building with many others that have become trapped there. In fact, everyone that is still alive is either living in buildings or underground.  In flashbacks we see the beginnings of the "disease" and it is well done with the gradually diminishing populace that is evident in Marc's commute.

He and his co-workers have been digging for some time underneath their building to try to break through to the subway tunnels.  They succeed and Marc plans to go and find his girlfriend.  He forms an uneasy alliance with Enrique and the two set out.

This was less horror and more...drama/thriller.  There are definitely some tense moments as Marc and Enrique make their way through the city underground. I wasn't sure how effective agoraphobia was going to be as a plot device, but it was actually handled quite well.  A solid film and well-acted, I absolutely recommend it - but maybe save it for a time other than Horrorthon to check it out.


AC said...

we have a couple more-thriller-than-horror movies lined up for the thon, but i don't think we'll add this, despite our professional interest in agoraphobia. maybe in november!

Mr. AC said...

Some zombies or C.H.U.D.S.
Roaming the subway tunnels
Would add some horror

JPX said...

What an interesting premise! Good find. I might skip it only because I deal with agoraphobics every day of the week =)

Catfreeek said...

Sounds very interesting, good find.

Landshark said...

Nice. I think I'm going to check this one out--love that someone thought of a new twist on the contagion apocalypse plot!