Wednesday, October 08, 2014


(2013 ) 4 Gretchens

Really enjoyed this
Excited for the sequel

Found VCR tape
Hmm...let's see...should you watch it?
Absolutely not!

Cautionary tale
Microchips and human brains
Don't always mix well

Extra entrails, please
If you like gore and humor
Watch Ride In The Park

One thing Thon's taught me
Documentaries tend to
Shorten one's lifespan

Lake house, kids, no 'rents
Expected hijinks ensue
Then aliens land


JPX said...

Haha, awesome, Mr. AC! I just knew you would love this the moment I saw it! Wasn't the cult sequence a standout?

DCD said...

Even though AC,
My fellow movie biddy
said no, think I'm in!

Landshark said...

I came late to the party on JPX's review thread, so I'm going to repost my question here:

Is there some reason for the slash marks in the acronym? Would VHS just be too lame as a movie title, so they came up with V/H/S instead? I kinda hate it.

Catfreeek said...

I've queued this one up as well.

Trevor said...

Good point Landshark. Great sequencing and artwork.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I still need to see these!

And you're right Landshark, the slashes are irritating and I'm not going to use them when referring to this series.