Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An American Haunting

(2005) ***1/2

I've heard a lot of crap about this movie, but I really liked it. Very similar to my opinion of The Village(which has an awesome soundtrack by the way). It stars Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland, two huge stars that does the movie very well! The atmosphere of the movie is eerie, and the colors are beautiful! They did a very well job of the "ghost" as you can not see it as it is attacking poor little Betsy. I can't go too much into detail about the "ghost" as it may give it away, but I liked the plot through most of the movie, though personally I would have changed the ending. This movie was loosely based off of the Bell Witch Haunting. All of the characters have the names from history, but the story is different just a little bit. The story says that the actual Bell Witch( the entity) would talk to them and sing hymns in their house and she was around well after Mr. Bell's passing. She would come back and taunt the wife too! So if you've seen the movie, you realize the facts are a bit different. I like scary movies based in the 1800's.
It is 2006, and the most recent tenants of the Bell house are going through the belongings. The mother finds a letter in the room of her daughter that was taken from the attic. She then reads a letter written by Betsy Bell, and that is the beginning of the story..
It starts with a feud between neighbors, John Bell and Kathe Batts, over land and tax issues. It's brought before a small court and favored in the Bells decision. With that in place, Kathe curses the family, saying the biggest curse will be on the daughter Betsy. After this public display, Betsy gets attacked night after night by an invisible entity(Bell Witch). After failed exorcisms, the family tries their best to protect Betsy, even trying to take her away. But the entity won't go away..Poor little Betsy..Will you play with me?Right after the entity ripped the pillow apart...


Octopunk said...

I haven't seen this, but I've always thought the cast and the setting made it worth checking out.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Cool, I want in! I tend to avoid "period piece" horror movies because of the funny costumes. Still, this sounds promising.