Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream Cruise

(2007) **1/2

American lawyer Jack reluctantly accepts Eiji’s suspicious offer to spend the day on the sea in his spacious yacht. Eiji is Jack’s most valued customer but he has been having an affair with Eiji’s wife, Yuri, who has also been invited on the trip. Yuri is Eiji’s second wife following the mysterious disappearance of his first wife. Soon after embarking onto Tokyo Bay it becomes apparent to the lovers that Eiji is aware of their affair and intends to punish them for it. Adding to their troubles is a restless specter bent on possessing them all.

I thought I had seen all of the Masters of Horror episodes until I read Landshark’s terrific review. It was nice to see the star of Audition in this little nautical yarn but as Landshark notes, the story offers nothing new and director Norio Tsuruta resorts to the usual bag of vengeful ghost tricks. True, the spectacle of a vengeful ghost still gets under my skin but less so these days. Dream Cruise is a simple premise stretched over an hour. Apparently the DVD cut runs for 87 padded minutes

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Octopunk said...

I let myself be discouraged early by the MOH collection. I'm pretty sure I only saw Dreams in the Witch House because it was a Lovecraft story, and the Miike one because that guy is cuh-razy.

It's funny to me that these are so short and can still be too long.