Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creature With The Blue Hand

(1967) ***

This film features Klaus Kinski in two roles, playing good and evil twin to himself. Just imagine, two Klaus Kinskis! Wait, you don't have to imagine, just look at the image above. Scotland yard is investigating a series of murders being committed by the infamous blue hand killer. He earned his name by committing murder with a sharp-fingered metal blue hand. The chase scenes and searches are accompanied with some real groovy sixties music, it was tough to suppress the urge to get up and dance, okay, so I might have danced once or twice. There is an edited version of the film that was released under the name, The Bloody Dead. One can only assume they came by that name as the opening scene features a corpse lying in a pool of blood. Fortunately, the Netflix disc included both versions of the film. I watched the original, seemed like it would include more Klaus for my buck. Though the film is predictable, it’s still a pretty fun romp as a whole, or maybe I just like Klaus Kinski.


JPX said...

This is your third film from 1967, what an interesting year for horror!

Catfreeek said...

Wow, I didn't realize that.

Octopunk said...

What a bizarre murder weapon. Wait, how does the general public know the hand's blue?

Anyway, go 60's movies!

DCD said...

Yeah - go 60's movies and crazy 60's chase music! Sounds fun!