Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Entity

(1982) ***

Catfreeek and I watched this for Horrorthon, as I was a virgin to this particular movie, she was not. I enjoyed it wondering, why doesn't anyone believe this woman? I noticed that in a ton of horror movies..the men think the women are just insane, that's all. My favorite part is that the Entity lets you know when he's around, there is a certain sound effects the director uses.
Starring Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver, a woman is being tormented by an entity that rapes her. She moves her family into another house, but it followed her there. She asks her friends for help and no one believes her, not even her psychologist. Catfreeek had a good boobie pic in her review here.
"Yeah, I don't believe you. Here, have some pills.."
She is trying to talk to it.


Catfreeek said...

Invisible boob groping.

Octopunk said...

All a movie needs!