Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Deadly Dream

(1971) [TVM] ***

Lloyd Bridges is a respected scientist who has made huge advancements with his DNA research. He is married to beautiful Janet Leigh and they appear to have an idyllic life together. While napping one afternoon Bridges dreams that some people he knows are trying to kill him for unspecified reasons. After tussling with one man, which results in a cut across his hand, he awakens with a start and notices that his hand is bleeding. After discussing the matter with a colleague he concludes that he must have cut his hand without realizing it prior to taking his nap. However, thereafter every time he goes to sleep the dream picks up exactly where it left off previously. Slowly he learns that a mysterious tribunal has marked him for death for reasons unknown. Over time he becomes increasingly distrustful of his wife and others who appear in his frightening dreams. Soon he struggles to distinguish between his real life and his dream world.

The Deadly Dream is another made-for-television nugget from the 70s. I absolutely loved the silly premise, and the suggestion that things occurring in Bridge’s dream also occur in his real life. At one point Bridges fires a gun in his dream and when he wakes up he finds that his gun is missing one bullet. The “rules” of how this all works are a bit murky and not always consistent, but you won’t care. This is fun, light stuff and is best viewed on a rainy day while sipping a hot cup of tea. Check it out on You Tube.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

It's like the 70's Nightmare on Elm St! I didn't even have to read the review to know that I'd love it. His expression says it all!

Catfreeek said...

I agree, that expression is priceless. I love that you are sorting through all these old tv movies for us, thanks JPX:)

Octopunk said...

Hear hear! I'm digging the reports of the slapdash internal logic. There's nothing better/worse!

I'm also digging Lloyd Bridges's mop of hair.