Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Automaton Transfusion

(2006) **

I liked it for the gore, nothing more. The camera work annoyed the crap out of me, and so did the shitty music. I understand its supposed to be up-to date with the teenagers in high school, but I'm sure they could have found better. I heard this was supposed to be really good, but besides a few good throat rips and head bashings, I was kinda disappointed.
Basically a military project that was secret in the 70's was decided to be rehashed thirty years later in a small suburban area. High school seniors of the zombie-ridden town decide to take over and find out about a cure. Its good to watch along with your zombiethon, but don't get your hopes up.Pick your weaponZombie disco!


Octopunk said...

After the multiple complaints about the camera work, I plan on never seeing this. My favorite Horrorthon service.

DCD said...

"I liked it for the gore, nothing more."

I like a good honest review! That line cracked me up.