Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blade II

(2002) *1/2

I feel like I could review this by just writing "See review for blade 1, more of the same." Blade II takes place a few years after the conclusion of the first movie. Blade and his new friend/assistant, Scud (Norman Reedus) continue the work of protecting humans and hunting vampires while also searching for his missing mentor Whistler (don't worry, Kris Kristofferson reappears at some point in the movie). This movie introduces new vampire villains and a new vampire breed referred to as Reapers. Reapers are stronger than regular vampires, have a more insatiable thirst, and their victims turn into Repears (nice touch of vampire-zombie lore remix).

Insane dislocating multi-jaw and sucker mouth of Reapers

The plot thickens (slightly) when the vampire elders ask Blade for a truce, resulting in Blade teaming with the group of vampires (including Ron Perlman) originally intended to hunt and kill Blade. The movie includes standard off the shelf plot points in attempting to create intrigue, however I found most of the vampire politics, hidden agendas, duplicitous allies/enemies plot devices transparent and predictable.

some CGI improved, some didn't

Again I probably would have liked it more had I seen it when it first came out. Blade II, much like the first, does not stand the test of time. It has a few nice action sequences and the effects definitely improved relative to the first movie, but I was still pretty bored when watching it.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

I'm in complete agreement with your assessment but I'd like to hear someone defend the Blade franchise. That's probably not going to happen though (there's not a leg to stand on).

Tami (Trevor's friend) said...

I bet if I had seen the Blades when they were released and therefore they had held some nostalgia for me I could have gone pro-Blade... maybe....

Catfreeek said...

I think you should change your name to "I'm Tami, Dammit!"

JPX said...

I have confused the Tami/Trevor thing forever - I would love it if you came up with new, less cumbersome names, perhaps we should have a naming contest?

I'm really glad you are going through these films. I'm embarrassed to say that I own these films on DVD (although I do not think I have ever watched them on DVD). I hate it when stuff you like becomes dated or just plain, "What was I thinking?" I fear that the "impressive" CGI that was used in the 1990s is going to ruin my memories more and more once I revisit them (I'm looking at you Lawnmower Man!).

Octopunk said...

This is my favorite of the Blade flicks and actually held a spot as a fave action flick for a while, but it's been years since I've watched it. I recall it having a LOT more action than the first one.

I won't ever defend the Blade franchise, JSP, but I might defend this. Have to see it again, though.