Monday, November 07, 2011

The Curse of El Charro

(2005) **

Just terribly silly... El Charro is missing his donkey and coffee beans. The only good things about this movie is the vision the girl has of her sister who committed suicide a year ago and that the voice of El Charro is played by Danny Trejo. Maria is having awful visions on the anniversary of her sister's suicide. Her friends invite her to hang out and party their uncle's house, but Maria is just a stick in the mud. And for no reason, I guess for her visions, El Charro comes to hunt down Maria and her friends. Sucks to have an Eeyore as a friend! Feel free to pass on this movie, as I wonder along with Catfreek, why these girls are friends, none of them have a damn thing in common. Oh, and you can outrun him, if you tried..he only walks."Wah..wah..wah.."None of these girls match up...

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Octopunk said...

Ha! It does suck to have Eeyore as a friend! I bet there's nasty monsters prowling around The Hundred Acre Wood all the time.

Whew! I just finished another round of comment catch-up, going back to Abby's Decadant Evil review.