Monday, October 31, 2011

Amityville II: The Possession

(1982) **

The worst one yet and I haven't seen anymore in the series after the second and the remake. Its based around possessing the eldest son, who goes after his sister sexually after the new family move into the same Amityville Horror house. Its decent 80's acting with good throbbing skin boils. The part I didn't care for is when the eldest son, Sonny is being possessed, the camera man zooms in and out over and over again...a little ridiculous. Their local priest tries to save the family after the sister's confessions, but fails. Where are they finding their priests? Where is Damian Karras when you need him? lolThis is crazy Mom and jackass Dad.Let's play a game...I'm the famous photographer and you are the beautiful model(even though you are my sister)Quite the headcase...


JPX said...

I agree, this film is terrible. The incest scene with his sister makes me more uncomfortable than watching someone get tortured in a SAW movie. I've watched all of the Amityville films and I think they all kind of suck.

Octopunk said...

This is the only Amitiyville movie I've seen. I recall the dad being an asshole and I recall being rather shocked at the brutality of the murders at the end, but nothing else.

No wait, I remember the priest coming to the house and he starts with the chanting and suddenly that silver Catholic magic wand thingie (what is that thing?) shoots blood. And I remember thinking that was ridiculous when it happened.