Friday, October 28, 2011

Dorothy Mills

(2008) ***

Jane, a psychiatrist, is sent to a remote island to help with a strange case. Dorothy Mills is showing signs of multiple personality disorder. She is being accused of murdering an infant yet she has no memory of the incident. Jane begins working with Dorothy, seeing glimpses of several personalities. There is Mimi, a three-year-old girl, a wild teenage girl named Mary, Kurt and Duncan. It is quickly established that Duncan is the one who hurt the baby. As Jane digs deeper into Dorothy’s psyche, she begins to discover something sinister amongst the townspeople. There is more to Dorothy’s condition then meets the eye.

Jenn Murray, who plays young Dorothy Mills is fantastic in the role. She adopts each personality and owns it. I love these type of films, when they are done right anyway. In the beginning the pieces are laid out like a puzzle, but as everything comes together the story as a whole is pretty solid. I like finding these hidden gems, feels like getting that prize in the cereal box before my sister snagged it.


Octopunk said...

One year I came home from college and systematically dumped all the boxes of cereal into giant mixing bowls and excised the prizes, then replaced the cereal in the boxes. It ruled.

Catfreeek said...

That's awesome!

JPX said...

Ha, Octo, I love that story! These days cereals don't really contain prizes anymore. The biggest bummer is when you got a cereal box home and then realized with horror that the "prize" could only be acquired by sending in proofs-of-purchase. What kids has the patience for that?

I have a feeling that this film might get on my nerves with its inaccurate depiction of mental illness. There really isn't any evidence for "multiple personalities" and these days it's called "Dissociative Identity Disorder". All of the people I've met claiming to have "multiple personalities" ended up just having a severe personality disorder stemming from horrible childhood abuse.

Catfreeek said...

It's not really DID in this film, it's actually something supernatural so I think you'd be okay with it.