Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dead and Gone

(2008) ***

When this film started I said, “Oh great, another crapfest to waste and hour and a half of my life.” The opening sequence shows a crazy dude who kills his family, then takes his own life. We then flash forward 40 years to a has been actor and his was somebody wife as they move into the deteriorating remote cabin, the very cabin from the opening scene. We soon find out that he won the cabin in a poker game and basically it’s all they have left. His wife is in a coma and her medical bills have chewed up all of their savings. He hates and resents her, wants the bitch to die. Here’s where it begins to get fun, as the ghosts of the original owner and his family haunt our man, he starts to go mad. He accidentally kills and dismembers his wife’s nurse, beheads a grocery delivery guy and kills his wife, oops! All of their ghosts begin tormenting and teasing him, the wife has the best lines. Soon the local sexy sheriff that he has been banging begins to realize that something is a little off.

Unexpectedly fun and entertaining. Yes it’s a little campy, but sometimes campy is just the thing to hit the spot. The wife is priceless, you just know she had a blast playing that role. It’s silly, but not overly silly.


DCD said...

Is that the wife in the last pic? She does look like she would really enjoy haunting the shit out of someone!

Catfreeek said...

That's her

Octopunk said...

That's a lot of people to accidentally kill! All while banging the sherriff? Dude!