Monday, October 24, 2011


(1972) ***

This anthology features Dr. Martin, a young psychiatrist who goes to an asylum to interview four patients. Each patient reveals a strange tale, of how they ended up in there. The film is star filled including Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee and Britt Ekland.

Hey Willow, what are you doing here?

The first is the story of a man who offed his wife, chopped her in pieces, wrapped each piece neatly then deposited them in the freezer. His wife doesn’t die so easily though, the pieces take on a life of their own for some sweet revenge. The second tale, of a tailor who gets his comeuppance by way of a dress mannequin come to life. The third involves a vengeful friend and the final story, oh that final story, so damn funny I can barely write about it without cracking up.

So some of you scoffed at the Zuni doll in Trilogy of Terror, well if you thought he was lame, you have got to see Asylum. This tiny little robot is a deadly murderous dolly, bahahahahahaa. First of all, the thing moves so slow, you’d have to be unconscious to not to get away from it. Three of us were watching and we nearly split our sides laughing.

"You just wait, I'll eventually get there and when I do, boy are you gonna be in trouble!"

"Excuse me sir, if you could just lean back a little it would be much appreciated."

"No! Stop! Rover! I'm not a chew toy!"

All in all, it’s a good anthology, all four segments are unintentionally funny, but isn’t that sometimes the best kind of funny.


JPX said...

By coincidence I just finished writing up a review for another anthology movie and I mention Asylum in my summary. This one sounds more fun than the one I watched. I love the pictures and now I must watch it.

Mr. AC said...

I'd like to see a steel cage death match between the Zuni doll and the tiny murderous robot.

This movie sounds like a perfect chaser for one of the more disturbing films like Audition, which, by the way, I am planning on watching tomorrow night.

Catfreeek said...

It's a great chaser, so funny.

Catfreeek said...

Oh and my money is on the Zuni doll, for sure.

Octopunk said...

Zuni doll, totally. It would be over quickly, but I'd still watch.

That robot is hilarious. "Let's give it the head of an old man, yeah!"

Abduscias said...

Lol...definitely the Zuni doll!

JPX said...

Mr. AC, you better watch Audition when AC is asleep, she would never recover!

DCD said...

Oh man, Zuni for the win, definitely! That robot is hilarious!!
If AC watches Audition her biddy status will be revoked forever.

AC said...

no worries kids, i know better than to watch audition! :)