Sunday, October 23, 2011


(2010) **1/2

Six year old Martin Bristol is abducted from his home by a serial slayer. Martin is a special child who is afflicted with the inability to feel pain. His abductor sees this as a great asset and decides to take the boy under his wing, training him as an apprentice. We jump 5 years ahead to an older Martin who still seems to have no taste for murder. His lack of participation wins him the filthy task of scrubbing down the murder stalls after the victims have been removed. Despite his disappointment in the boy, his captor continues to try and get Martin to wield the blade and take a life.

Come a little closer, I'll kill you with my nipples

This prequel to the 2004 film Malevolence was disappointing. It seemed to me there could have been much more involved in training a serial killer. Besides the fact that after living in that environment for 5 years, from the age of 6 up, the boy would have been slashing and slaying like a pro. Both the killer and the boy are terrified of a cow’s skull that is bolted to the wall, it’s never fully explained, at least not to my satisfaction. I liked the first film much better as a whole, this one falls short in too many ways. Oh yeah, and there is an annoying little girl that grates at you throughout the film. We never get to see her comeuppance.

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Octopunk said...

I just reread your review of Malevolence and this sounds like a pretty dumb way to keep it going. Amusing that the prequel -- typically the mechanism to supply backstory to all the minute details -- let you down on the cow skull thing.