Friday, October 21, 2011


(2005) Zero Stars

During a noisy bachelor party, a neighbor, who happens to be a voodoo priestess, gets annoyed and casts a spell on the entertainment, the ugliest blow up sex doll that they could find. The doll then goes on a killing rampage. In spite of a few laugh out loud moments, the film was nearly unwatchable. In my opinion, the doll didn’t kill them fast enough. Avoid this film at all costs!


Octopunk said...

Are the victims continually in the middle of blowjobs when they get it? Because I'm having a hard time thinking of an Achille's heel worse than being inflatable.

"They discovered my weakness! A single prick with a pointy object!"

Trevor (Tami's friend) said...

I thought the same thing - is this a villain that's really hard to kill?

DCD said...

HAHAHAHA! Both to the review and Octo's comment. Seriously, did her cheap, blow-up doll plastic become super-powered?

AC said...

catfreeek, the woman who will watch anything, calls this movie "nearly unwatchable"? i'll take her word for it.