Monday, October 31, 2011

Coffin Joe: This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse

Do you think I need a manicure?
(1967) ****

He’s baaaaaaaaack. Coffin Joe is released, being absolved of the crimes he committed in the last town. He moves to a new town and begins his reign of terror all over again. Continuing his quest for the perfect woman to bear his child, Coffin Joe gathers an array of candidates and begins testing them for loyalty.

The first test involves releasing tarantulas into the room while the women sleep. Only Marcia passes the first test. She must have balls of steel, I would have been freaking out with the rest of the screaming bitches.

Then Coffin Joe finds Laura, she’s perfect and she tells her parents she actually doesn’t mind being involved with the devil, it’s true love. However, Joe must first defeat the brute Truncador in order to pursue his love. Meanwhile, Laura’s family is outraged, her brother goes to Coffin Joe with a bag of money and attempts to bribe the man into leaving his sister alone. He kills the brother, then challenges Truncador to a poker game. When ole Truncy loses, he sets him up for the murder of the brother, using the bag of money as motive. So with the brute out of the way, against her parents will, Laura shacks up with Coffin Joe and soon after is pregnant.

He's so big and impressive

Yeeees Master
Coffin Joe breaks down and admits to Laura that one of the women he killed was pregnant, she assures him that he was just ridding the world of an imperfect child. Still, he is plagued by his actions. He wakes in the night while a demon is dragging him off to hell.

Apparently real life is dull and all black and white, while hell is in full color and exciting. Hell is filled with people stuck in the walls, red devils in thongs and an even more evil Coffin Joe look alike. While Joe is exploring the bowels of the underworld, Truncador escapes and rallies the townsfolk. Soon after, Coffin Joe gets his comeuppance.

Just as entertaining as the first film, and a great film to add to the list as Horrorthon 2011 comes to a close. Netflix did not have this installment so I had to order it. As a bonus, it came with a Coffin Joe mini comic book! Yay! I love this evil bastard, I’m really hoping Tony gets me the other two films for Christmas, Coffin Joe has earned his place in my collection as well as in my heart.

He had me at bwaahaahaahaa


JPX said...

I swear that you are using a wormhole to travel to another universe where these movies exist! I have never heard of these films but they sound extremely entertaining and you get extra credit for purchasing this sequel. Your film choices make me realize that we will never run out of horror movies to watch. October is over and I feel like I didn’t watch anything.

DCD said...

That picture with the girl lying down and the tarantulas crawling up her leg gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great review Catfreeek! Only one is available on Netflix now - Awakening of the Beast. I believe that's the one with the singing butt cheeks. I've gotta see these!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Oops, found At Minight I'll Take Your Soul.

Just re-read your other Coffin Joe reviews - 3 for 3 so far!

Catfreeek said...

I love him, he's just so eeeevil.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

From Wikipedia:

"Coffin Joe is an evil, amoral character who considers himself superior to others and exploits them to suit his purposes. He hates morality and superstition (which he includes religion as) to the point of obsession. His central belief is that (self) imposed superstitious beliefs tend to prevent individual development, inhibit positive social change. Those who do not accept his central belief are considered to be weak, lack power, and limited in their ability to rationalize objectively. Those who share with him similar beliefs are considered to have power and intelligence above the 'normal' person.

The primary theme of the character is his single-minded obsession with the "continuity of the blood"; he wants to sire the "superior" child from the "perfect woman." His idea of a "perfect woman" is not exactly physical but someone he regards intellectually superior to the Brazilian average, and in this quest he is willing to kill anyone who crosses his path."

Catfreeek said...

Exactly! Coffin Joe is like a Brazilian Hitler, kinda.

Octopunk said...

YES! I love Coffin Joe and I love how you love him, Cat. "Coffin Joe has earned his place in my collection as well as in my heart." Adorable.

I just nosed around on the Wikipedia page, too. Interesting stuff.

I just reread last year's Coffin Joe reviews and Johnny's right: 3 for 3.

Anonymous said...

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