Saturday, November 05, 2011


(2002) ***

Creepy, atmospheric ghosty kind of movie...good setting being in a giant metal tube, also known as a submarine. It takes place during WWII, where the submarine crew pick up 3 drifters in the middle of the ocean, close to enemy waters. One is a female, so the crew is constantly saluting her(in more ways than one I'm sure-I didn't check). The crew gets freaked out, because they think the boat is cursed now because of the woman, but they find out the boat has already been cursed because of the disappearance of their previous captain.Boooooo! :)
There are quite a few familiar faces in this movie.


JPX said...

I checked this out as well and probably would give it the same rating. The "mystery" is not that difficult to crack but the director manages to create a pretty good atmospheric story on a small budget. There was not enough ghostly ghostly stuff or scares for me though.

Octopunk said...

A sub is a pretty great setting, I agree.