Monday, October 10, 2011

Dead and Gone

(2008) ***

Pretty funny in a not supposed to be funny way...Ha! Good overused effects with really annoying funny sounds. Pretty much like an extended Tool video. So, a crapped-out actor moves his comatose wife to a cabin nice and far away from any hospital, where there is any chance of rescue for her. He starts having romantic interactions with a local and has hallucinations of dead people. The locals start disappearing when they get too nosy, and even a local ass-raper gets whats coming to him! Its worth the watch at least for the funny parts and the dead people bothering and egging him on.
This guy really wants a drag from her cigarette!


Catfreeek said...


Octopunk said...

I like "pretty much like an extended Tool video" but I've seen so few of them I now think this movie is shot in jerky stop-motion and stars miserable grey puppets.

DCD said...

HAHA, Octo! Is that chick in the last picture a zombie too? Cause if not she needs a serious makeover.