Sunday, October 16, 2011


(1985) **

I really remember this movie being so much better when I watched it in the ‘80’s. Whole bunches of mismatched people are given passes to a horror movie premier. By mismatched I mean, we have a pimp and his two prostitutes, some twenty-something’s, an old couple and even a blind guy. One the way in one of the whores tries on a demon mask, which scratches her face. The film starts and we see one of the characters try on a demon mask only to be scratched as well. Soon after, he turns into a demon and guess what, so does the hooker. The demons are green slime spouting, red eyed freaks. The infestation works like zombie infection, it’s passed through a bite or a scratch. When the small group of theater dwellers discover they have been trapped inside the theater, they band together to fight the evil menace.

Slip me some tongue baby

Bad 80’s background music totally ruins a film. I can forgive the mediocre fx due to lack of technology, I can forgive the clothes and hair due to the era, I can even forgive the poor acting considering the the nature of the film, but the music is unforgivable. The constant driving 80’s beat overshadowed everything, turning this into total crap. With the sequel sitting on my shelf already, I am cringing at the thought of watching it. I only hope the soundtrack didn’t make the cut.


Octopunk said...

Ah, good, someone watched this. I've had a lingering curiousity about this series because I saw a trailer of the sequel and Asia Argento is in it.

My Horrorthon this year is taking an unexpected turn towards some big Italian names I'm not very familiar with. I just looked up Demons and realized there are two directors named Bava.

Catfreeek said...

Yes Lamberto and Mario, very different too.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Isn't this one of those shitty poorly dubbed Italian movies with Dario Argento's name attached to it even though he didn't direct it? I learned my lesson years ago to stay away from these movies!

DCD said...

That last picture of the chick really grosses me out!