Thursday, November 03, 2011


(2008) ***1/2

A girl is murdered, her 3 friends suspect a guy who did terrible things to two of them and was recently released from prison. They make an anonymous call to the police then drive to his house like idiots to watch the apprehension. He spots them and goes after them, but in the meantime, they discover who the real killer is. They blackmail the killer to take out the bully for them. Things go horribly wrong and the fallout results in a twist that I never saw coming.

Not just your average meddling teens, these kids have an axe to grind with the bully and it’s a big one. This was another surprise find for me, I love these plot twisty psychological films. The teens aren’t dumb but their lack of experience in life really sticks it to them. This actually works well for the film, nothing worse than a bunch of super smart teens making all the dumb adults pay for being morons, kinda like every show on Nickelodeon. In this one, the adults are clearly more street-wise and these teens find out all to quickly that they are out of their league. A very smart plot twist is plugged in to the film making it much more intense. I loved it.


DCD said...

Never heard of it! Sounds really good.

Octopunk said...

No good ever comes from blackmailing a killer. Because he's a killer. That's how he solves his problems and you've just become one of them.