Saturday, October 01, 2011

Blood Creek

(2009) **1/2

Blood Creek starts in 1936 rural West Virginia when a German family is contacted by the Third Reich to see if they will host an historical scholar.  When the family was building the farm they came across an ancient rune stone that was supposedly left there by Nordic ancestors and that is what Herr Wirth wants to study. They need the dough, so accept the offer. The young daughter of the farm family finds out he is a bit more than presented when he mysteriously brings her dead bird back to life.

Fast forward 70 years and we meet Evan, an EMT with an ailing father and a brother, Victor, who has returned from fighting in Iraq only to mysteriously disappear one night while he and Evan are camping.  Evan's life pretty much sucks as his Dad seems to hate him and blame him for Vic's vanishing and the guilt is tearing him apart. 
 I'm sad.

But! Out of the blue in the middle of the night Victor returns and tells Evan that he needs his help, for him to get the guns and the boat and come with him, "no questions asked." Victor leads Evan back to the farm where he had been held hostage to exact his revenge on the people who have been torturing him. 

I take a little issue with Netflix's description of this movie where they say the family are "transformed into his (Herr Wirth) undead slaves and must kidnap local victims to feed his bloodlust."  That makes it sound like a much better movie then the one I watched.  The family have "trapped" the demon (as that's what he's become) and figured out ways to keep him from escaping out into the rest of the world.  This, in part, entails  getting him victims that he can drink blood from, but they never give him enough or something like that. He, in turn, has frozen them from aging so they can continue to get him victims. The brothers kind of screw this symbiotic relationship all up when they come in like gangbusters and then they have to figure out a way to prevent him from escaping and kill him before he develops the "third eye."

 I think I see it! No wait, that's just a pimple.

So, yeah, kind of silly overall.  Some gore, some really awful CGI and a hot blonde playing the farm daughter who's age doesn't get "frozen" until she's seventeen.  

 How conveeeeeeeenient!

If there is not much else on late at night, I'd say give it a shot, otherwise not much worth the time.


AC said...

sounds like a solid "meh," so i'll steer clear, thank you!

JPX said...

I agree, meh. Netflix often misrepresents movies or spoil them in their descriptions. Feeding the demon fresh blood sounds so derivative of many similar stories. Sadly I watched a similarly derivative film last night. Thanks for watching this so we don't have to!

Octopunk said...

Yeesh. Sounds like Jennifer's Body without the boobs.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Still, I love the cover and the ghoul looks pretty badass too. Are you sure this movie isn't totally awesome?

DCD said...

Ummm, yeah. Totally sure, JSP.

Catfreeek said...

I was thinking the same thing, that ghoul looks pretty great.

JPX said...

That ghoul looks awesome, this movie must be good!

50PageMcGee said...

"That makes it sound like a much better movie then the one I watched."


Landshark said...

So do they play up the Nazi demon angle, or is that just forgotten?