Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coffin Rock

(2009) ***

This Aussie fatal attraction takes place in a small fishing town. Jessie and her husband Rob are desperately trying to have a child. After numerous failed attempts, they travel to a fertility clinic so the husband can be tested. Ethan, the male receptionist at the clinic takes a strange liking to Jessie. Without so much as an eye lock with her, he takes down her address, packs up and moves to her town. He gets a job at the fish packing facility, where it seems everyone in town works, and begins trying to worm his way into Jessie’s heart. She finds him cute but weird. When the results from the sperm count test arrive in the mail, Rob refuses to open the envelope. They have a big blow out and Jessie takes off with a friend and goes to the bar. She’s had a few drinks and she’s feeling pretty good when Rob shows up to piss on her cornflakes. She leaves in a huff and heads home only to be greeted by Ethan. In a moment of weakness, she has sex with him and immediately regrets it. He then begins stalking her and won’t give up. The situation becomes far worse when she discovers she has become pregnant and believes the baby to be Ethan’s.

This was unexpectedly good. This is a story that crops up again and again, if it’s played right, then it’s worth the ride. This one was pretty good. Ethan has issues, we see his explosions of anger and instability in small glimpses as the film builds. He’s never portrayed as a normal all around guy, the town folk seem to know he’s a little off from the moment of his arrival. Jessie has kind of a high keyed impulsive personality. It’s because of her mannerisms you can totally see her impulsiveness before she does the deed with Ethan, so it’s believable. It was refreshing to see this storyline isn’t completely played out. Ethan is no Glenn Close, but I wouldn’t want the crazy bastard hanging around my town.

Oh yeah, and Ethan blew a fish to prove he wasn't gay.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

Sounds pretty sweet but I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't a Coffin Joe sequel!

JPX said...

I'll have to check this one out. Fatal Attraction is an over-the-top portrayal of someone with borderline personality disorder and it sounds like the crazy character in this film might be the male counterpart as you suggest. You're finding some interesting stuff this year!

Octopunk said...

Maybe the Coffin Joe version will have the exclamation point. Coffin ROCK!!!

I cannot wrap my head around how that proves he wasn't gay. Does he do a bad job of it?

DCD said...

Yeah - I'm with you Octo - blowing anything to prove your not gay seems to be an oxymoron of sorts.

Catfreeek said...

I agree, that is why myself as well as the two characters in the film watching him were all staring gape mouthed in disbelief.