Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ghost Story

(1981) ***1/2

A female ghost terrorizes a group of rich elderly men, seeking revenge for a misdeed that happened many, many years ago. I’ll forgo the detailed synopsis here, since Abduscias just reviewed it. This film is near and dear to me, one I remember watching as a teen. Not particularly scary, but a real good story line and some superior acting. It’s not hard to figure out where everything is leading and it’s a fun jaunt getting there. I recommend it, just mind the cheesy early 80’s FX, we are so spoiled now with cgi.


JPX said...

I heard about this movie for decades yet have never taken the time to check it out. With such a ridiculously famous cast I imagine that it would be fun to watch it for this reason if nothing more. Early 80s horror definitely has a different feel than late 80s horror.

Octopunk said...

It's also refreshing to see a movie in which the main characters are all old people and it's not about them riding motorcycles.