Thursday, October 13, 2011


(2010) ***

When I told my family I was watching and reviewing horror movies for the month of October, they nodded & smiled with feigned approval. When I told them I had just watched a movie called Trollhunter, they couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes.

I like to entertain.

This movie struck me as an enjoyable hybrid of sci-fi/fantasy and horror; a great combination for someone whose upbringing involved long hours discussing Star Trek (topics such as, which series is better, TNG or DS9? Clearly the latter) and Alfred Hitchcock's directing style where the real terror comes from that which lies behind a corner (or behind the cameraman). My eyes were glued to the screen anytime a troll was stalking the main characters – an ignorant group of teens, go fig – and I craved more history and explanation of the origin of trolls from the lead troll hunter, who is old but totally badass.

Troll Hunter, in my opinion, it is by no means a scary movie but a fun “found footage” film. While it contains the obligatory elements of stupid questions –

Teen filmmakers: “So do you really believe in trolls?”
No, kids, I just like wasting gas driving a jeep around this beautiful Norwegian landscape. Wanna know where gravel comes from?

and awe-inspiring troll-houettes (that's a troll silhouette) –

there still leaves room for an exciting climax that involves, and I'll only share this much, flatulent trolls. I was left gripping my beer in anticipation and gripping my nose in agony.


Catfreeek said...

I really have to watch this, nice summary.

AC said...

trollhunter could be this year's "trick r treat."

johnny schweddypants, where's your promised review?

Octopunk said...

Troll flatulence makes me think of troll underwear. Thanks for that.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

DS9 better than TNG? Methinks not! Admittedly I didn't give Deep Space 9 much of a chance but every time I tuned in I felt like I was watching a Ferengi teen soap opera. And I never felt connected to any of the characters the way I did with Picard, Worf or Data.

On topic, nice review Crystal! I must say the troll flatulence seems absurd when reading about it but the scene was very effectively claustrophobic.

AC I fully intend on reviewing this but I have some serious clown business to attend to first and I want to give Trollhunter a 2nd viewing.

Catfreeek said...

Sorry but I have to agree with JSP, TNG beats DS9 ands down. Ferengi teen soap opera, hahaha!

JPX said...

Nice summary, Crystal, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your family probably thinks that JSP is a bad influence (i.e. "Our sweet daughter is now watching horror movies?")

I notice that your praise of the film outweighs your rating.

Crystal Math said...

JPX -- I had a lengthy discussion with JSP regarding my harsh ratings ("nothing is perfect therefore nothing gets 5 stars," etc). Numbers are completely meaningless. Content and context is everything.

With regards to DS9, I firmly stand by my view that it is the BEST series because it is DIFFERENT from the other series. Even though many human rights issues were totally off my radar at the time, the many politically- and racially-charged conflicts are presented in a way that is comprehensible to all ages.

That's mah story and I'm stickin' to it!!

DCD said...

I have no comment on the TNG vs DS9 conversation. I do want to watch this movie though.